Welcome to the Cuz Wiki! Edit

Now let's get down to business. This is war. Fashion War. Chanel and Banana Republic are battling to claim the attention of the media. And followers. (FYI we wouldn't mind if you were one of our followers;)

This week we'll be posting articles on...

1. Quote of the Week (inspired? check!)

2. Book Review (and with Harry Potter over, what's next?)

3. Movie Review (this isn't exactly the newest movie, but you'll get some laughs and shed some tears - or not!)

4. Competition of the Month (Sudoku puzzle... first person to post the completed puzzle gets a surprise!)

What to look forward to next week...

Who Has it Better - Boys vs. Girls

Beauty, Brains and Style

How to Write a Best-selling Novel/Novella

How to be French Without Really Trying